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About us

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"Catharsis, in essence, is an art, the art of expression."

Katharsis is a therapeutic space where we aim to collaborate with you to accomplish your interpersonal, intrapersonal, and socio-emotional goals. We intend to make quality mental health more accessible, affordable, flexible, and organic. For us, Catharsis is a process of emotional release, accompanied with cognitive insight. We use this process to improve mental well-being, aid skill development and build an empowering narrative around one’s life. We invite you to engage in an ethical and therapeutic dialogue with us. Together, we shall identify problems, set goals, and improve your well-being to resolve or mitigate troublesome behaviors, compulsions, thoughts, or emotions.We invite you to experience Catharsis with Katharsis!


We invite you to experience Catharsis with Katharsis!

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