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Yatika Bhardwaj

Counselling Psychology trainee

Hii, I’m Yatika Bhardwaj, nearing graduation in July 2024 with a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Christ (deemed to be) University.
With over 300 hours of counselling experience encompassing individual sessions, workshops, and group work, I view counselling as a deeply enriching journey for each person. I firmly believe that seeking help, opening up, and embracing healing requires immense courage, believe in the power of being understood and try to approach the world through an empathetic lens.

I approach counselling by blending insights from humanistic and existential approaches, along with incorporating mindfulness techniques. This enables me to create personalized therapeutic journeys, grounded in an understanding of my client's unique, meaningful experiences.
Beyond counselling, I find joy in taking walks, exploring new destinations, savouring quiet moments by the window with a good book, or enjoying sky-gazing during sunsets.

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